Pilates For Men

Pilates for menThere is a misconception that Pilates is meant for woman only. This is not only wrong but it fails to acknowledge the fact that Joseph Pilates, the man responsible for the development of this technique, designed much of it with the male physique in mind.

At Pilates first I have worked with many male clients for over 17 years. I have used Pilates, combined with many other training and conditioning methods to both train and treat men of all ages and physical abilities. My regular clients include professional AFL players (GWS Giants) and basketballers from the Sydney Kings Basketball team who use pilates for body maintenance training and to prevent injury.

So if you’re in good shape and want to get better, trying to get back into your chosen sport or finding you’re not getting the results you want from the training you’re doing, a training change could be for you.

If you’re someone looking for well-structured conditioning relative to your sport or physical condition, the one-on-one training at Pilates First will provide you with a program designed for you, your physique and your specific goals.

So for core conditioning training, specific sports training and for injury treatment and prevention, if you suffer from back or neck pain, muscle and joint stiffness, a reduced range of movement or you just want to feel and move better, training at Pilates First is for you.

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