Stretch Training

man stretchingA good stretching regime is often the missing component in many people’s exercise program or lifestyle patterns. It is essential for the functional integrity of the body to have the correct balance between opposing muscle groups.

This balance provides correct joint stability, reduced muscle imbalance (some muscles over working ) improved muscular co-ordination, helps to correct your posture and above all it helps address many muscular/skeletal conditions (back pain, knee pain etc) and aid in the prevention of injuries, both sports and occupational.

So no matter what your flexibility level is there are simple stretching exercises to get you started. A structured stretching program can benefit many people from many different ages and demographics.

From adolescent boys and girls who suffer from growing related conditions, sports people wanting to reduce the chance of injuries and alleviate post exercise soreness, to people who find their general movement restrictive, all of these needs can be easily addressed through a simple and focused stretching program.

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