“I have been enjoying the benefits of Graham Rowe’s personalized approach to Pilates since he first opened Pilates First in Lane Cove in 2002.

It is the unique, broad ranging conditioning and fitness challenges that Graham  has gradually introduced during this period tailored to my specific needs, that have kept the sessions fresh, progressive and fun. Always with an encouraging eagle eye born from the exactitudes of the ballet, on developing and maintaining correct technique to achieve the full effect.

 I originally started with Graham because of reoccurring ‘back’ problems, now these are virtually nonexistent but more…Graham has equipped me with a ‘tool kit’ of exercises and stretching that I have for life. Plus his personal proactive philosophy on ‘body maintenance’ rather than repair!

 I would say one of Graham’s great strengths is being able to analyse the specific exercises that will benefit your body, posture and muscle type, and then being able to simply develop and explain incremental improvements in exercise technique to achieve the desired effect.

 I would highly recommend Pilates First to anyone of any age who is interested in maintaining or improving their core strength along with agility, balance and increased flexibility.”

– Alan Jones


“I have for sixteen years competed in Masters Surf Lifesaving events, principally the beach sprint.  However, since passing the age of 65 my body was suffering numerous injuries which I was told by the medical profession was “your body is growing older”.  

I was contemplating life without my favourite sport as the pain and debilitating injuries were affecting my quality of life.  – Then I met Graham Rowe.  Graham has my body in better shape than it has been in the 16 years I have been competing.  The pain has gone, I can spring off my toes, balance on one leg and am back doing push-ups, weights and Pilates.  Since beginning to train with Graham I have won the Australian and World Beach Sprint Championships and am looking forward to many years of competing.”

– Paul Hammond

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