What Pilates can do for you

Pliates can be perfect for you

Pilates is an exercise regime that was developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1930s. This exercise system was designed to promote control of the muscular system to create fluidity, strength and co-ordination in movement. The principles of the pilates method focus on the core and postural muscular system with an emphasis on spinal alignment throughout different ranges of movement.

This training provides both strength and protection for the back and neck, and promotes an improvement in general muscular skeletal co-ordination through a strengthening of the core stabilizing system.

The pilates method has been used for many years by elite athletes, classical ballet dancers, actors, musicians, through to members of the general public. This is one of the unique properties of the pilates method, it can be beneficial to people of all ages, with a variety of physical abilities and goals, or with specific injuries of conditions.

Many doctors, physiotherapists and other health practitioners are now recommending pilates for its focus on core stabilization. This is now recognised as a pro active form of treatment and prevention for back pain, and it is also used in addressing many other muscular skeletal conditions.

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